W Hotel Investor Repayment

March 17, 2017. HOLLYWOOD, CA. The American Dream Fund (ADF), a Los Angeles based and leading EB-5 fundraiser and regional center operator, was pleased to announce that they were redeeming the EB-5 capital for their Group 1 and Group 2 projects within the W Hotel in Hollywood, California.


The W Hotel project was one of the premier EB-5 projects in 2010-2011, and after the investors had received their permanent green cards, ADF turned its attention to returning the investor’s capital.


“American Dream Fund is one of the oldest and most experienced EB-5 operators in the industry,” said ADF principal and co-founder George Ekins. “We understand that our investors’ priorities are the successful completion of their permanent green card and the redemption of their investment.”


The American Dream Fund was established in 2008 and has successfully worked with more than 1,200 foreign investors and their families, mostly from China. Founders of the American Dream Fund are maintain senior leadership positions in Invest In USA (IIUSA) and have been recognized by many domestic and foreign organizations for their contributions to the industry.


Fellow American Dream Fund co-founder, Joseph McCarthy, commented “This is a celebration that we share with our clients,” referring to the recent events in Beijing and Shanghai held for the Group 1 and Group 2 clients. “Over the course of an EB-5 investment, through the steps in a project and the immigration process, you really develop a personal relationship with your clients. It is exciting to see everything come full-circle for them and their families.”


The W Hotel Hollywood continues to be a glamorous venue for guests and industry events. The American Dream Fund is headquartered in Los Angles, operates regional centers in all major gateway cities across the United States and has permanent operations in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. For more information, please contact ADF


American Dream Fund (ADF) recently announced full repayment of investments in Group 1 and Group 2 for their W Hotel Hollywood project. To celebrate, large client appreciation events were held in Beijing and Shanghai to celebrate the completion of their permanent green cards and capital return.


American Dream Fund co-founder George Ekins commented, “We are deeply honored by the trust our clients place in us and we felt like the events were a good opportunity to celebrate and honor our clients, who have now gone all the way through the EB-5 process.”


EB-5 investors were awarded large ceremonial $500,000 checks at the event and celebrated with dinner and speeches by the investors. Many investors discussed how grateful that they were to ADF’s transparency and superior customer service during the project.


Mr. Ekins further stated, “We are deeply moved by the client speeches expressing gratitude to ADF for their honesty, integrity and hard work to protect them throughout their 5 year investment. We understand that immigration is a big decision and we develop very personal relationships with our clients and their families. “


In one of the final speeches, one investor talked about how they searched for nearly a year before they found a company that they felt comfortable with to invest their family’s future and were very happy to have found a good company like ADF. Mr. Ekins concluded, “At American Dream Fund, our clients success is our biggest priority, which is why events like today are so rewarding.”


ADF is a leading EB-5 Regional Center operator that has helped over 1200 families successfully immigrate to the United States through the EB-5 Investment Visa program.