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EB-5 Investors

America Dream Fund understands that the two highest priorities of our clients are the successful completion of the immigration process (all the way through to the permanent green card) and identification of projects that offer the greatest potential for the return of their capital investment at the maturity of the project.

ADF is one of the most experienced EB-5 leaders in the industry and strives to provide comprehensive expertise on behalf of its foreign investors. ADF overs representatives domestically and overseas to answer questions about the immigration process, business projects, and ongoing compliance needs for our clients.

We work with qualified immigration attorneys to help perspective clients with the EB-5 petition, answers questions about projects and their satisfaction of the EB-5 program requirements, and provide comprehensive documentation necessary to file the I-526 petition. Likewise, two years later, ADF assists immigration counsel by preparing the necessary documentation and updated job-creation reports for the I-829 removal of conditions or permanent green card.

ADF monitors from start to finish our client’s progress through the immigration process. This not only includes initiation I-526 petition, but we also provide essential information necessary for the consular interview.

We monitor the EB-5 investment from concept through construction and operation. We provide systematic reporting and frequent communication regarding the status of the investment project, including updates on construction progress, important project milestones, and regular financial reporting. We maintain all of the limited partnership books and records, and provide yearly documentation to our clients, such as the K-1.

When it comes to EB-5 immigration, experience matters.

Steps in the Immigration Process

  • Work with a personal representative, immigration attorney, and ADF professional to obtain general information about the EB-5 program and project.

ADF works with investors, personal representatives, and attorneys to provide comprehensive information about the EB-5 programs and projects. In order to do so, we must verify the suitability and eligibility of EB-5 investors, after which we strive to present detailed information and risk factors about EB-5 offerings to better enable immigrant investors to make their decision.

  • Retain independent counsel and other due diligence professional to assist in the review of the immigration and project offering documents.

ADF strongly encourages potential clients to retain independent counsel to review offering documents, subscription and escrow documents, collateral materials, and ask questions regarding the suitability of the project.

  • Subscribe to the project, place capital contribution in escrow, and prepare source of funds and other collateral information for the I-526 petition.

Upon an investor’s commitment to move forward, ADF works with the client and their immigration counsel to provide step by step guidance on how to complete the subscription process and remit capital to project escrow accounts. Completed subscription materials, I-526 petition project documents, and proof of investment in escrow will be provided to immigration counsel, while they simultaneously work with the investor to prepare the evidence of the lawfulness of source of funds used for EB-5 investment.

  • With assistance from immigration counsel and ADF professionals, schedule and prepare for the U.S. Consulate interview.

ADF works in tandem with the immigration attorney to prepare for the visa consular interview. ADF prepares a package of materials for the EB-5 investor to use and take with them to the interview.

  • Two years later, work with immigration counsel and ADF professionals to prepare the I-829 petition for removal of conditions and receipt of permanent green card.

Three months prior to the expiration of the conditional green card, ADF will prepare and submit to the investor and their immigration counsel supporting documentation (e.g. evidence of capital investment, accounting of construction expenditures, project financials, updated job creation report, etc) to be used in connection with the Form I-829 removal of conditions. Once the 829 petition is approved, investors may receive their permanent green card, and at the date of the maturity of the EB-5 investment, subject to the success or failure of the project, the return of their capital contribution.

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